Saturday, December 10, 2011

Give This Christmas Away

Okay people! I thought about writing a very heart wrenching story to get this point across, but decided to just get to the point instead. There are some pretty amazing young women I happen to know in Manila, Philippines at a safe home called Safe Refuge who need your help right now, (if you're one of the few people who follow this blog, you know what I'm talking about). These are women who have been rescued from all kinds of lives, such as prostitution, poverty, extreme abuse, disease, etc. And now they are SAFE. But rescue is just the first step. They are all continually walking out journeys of healing and redemption. And that requires resources and finances.

With Christmas coming up, there are MANY expenses that Safe Refuge has. My dear friends Naomi and Marybeth Hamilton who run Safe Refuge amaze me with how they trust God to provide for them literally day to day. God provides, and he often uses his SAINTS (yeah that's you and me in case you're wondering) to rise up and be His hands and feet. Like I said in my previous blog post... as you're tearing open that ipad and xbox Christmas morning, there are children of God simply grateful that they have a Christmas feast and a place to live and a "family" who has adopted them in (example... women and children at Safe Refuge).

SO, I'm not trying to lay the guilt on you, I'm simply saying there's a need, and we need to respond. ASAP. I don't care if you can give $5 or $500 or $5000 (I'd go for the $5000 if you can), the point is, GIVE something. I personally know this ministry and have spent two Christmases there. Christmas morning at Safe is definitely a special time and the girls are grateful for what God has done in their lives.

Giving is easy. Simply click here... and donate through Paypal. It is tax-deductable.

And finally, click here to watch this Christmas slide show that will give you a better picture of the precious women and children you are supporting... enjoy! (and grab a tissue).

Oh and pass this along to your friends!

Merry Christmas!


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