Thursday, February 25, 2010

Walle the Gecko

This is our creature friend who lived in our bathroom for a few days.
I named him Walle. He just looked like a Walle. He's a gecko.
I was showering one night and he fell into the bathroom, out of nowhere. Or maybe from our open window.
I was soaping up my hair and there he was, watching me shower, his two little eyes popping out.
I kept waiting for him to get up on his hind legs and ask me if I wanted to save 15% or more on my car insurance. Okay maybe not.
Anyway, I let him sit and watch me shower. Then I tried to set him free.
My efforts were futile and in my last effort I accidentally dropped him into our squatty potty.

I again tried to get him out and then he fell into the water part of the squatty potty.
I left him there, and he lived there for two days. Or maybe I should say he was stuck there for two days.
I used the other toilet. Mostly.
My last ditch effort to try to get him out failed.
So I flushed him.
I was really saving his life, because he would have died just sitting there in the toilet.
Now Walle is floating along somewhere in the makeshift sewage systems of this massive city.
Maybe we shall meet again in the future.

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